Heinrich Göbel

The Case


In 1848 Heinrich-Goebel who was born in Springe on April 20th 1818, tried his luck as an inventor in America. 
He emigrated to New York (America) in 1848. 
There he opened a little optical store, where he produce a light bulb. He had unsuccessfully tried to do this in Germany before.He succeeded in building a working light bulb. Unfortunately he didn't get a patent for his invention. 
He also didn't try to use his invention. He wasn't the only one dealing with "light bulbs". The inventor Edison built his light bulb in 1879. He invented it 25 years later than Heinrich-Goebel, and so he had the possibility to find a difference. The reason that Heinrich-Goebel's invention- different to Edison
In May 1885, the Edison light company opened, which was, until 1894, in a lasting row with competitors due to a patent infringement. In each case this meant the aforementioned being forced to adjust their procedure for light bulb production. In 1893 Heinrich Goebel suceeded in his case against the BEACON VACUUM PUMPS AND ELECTRIC COMP. By the production of some of his lamps in 1854, Goebel was allowed to add some belif to his claim. He produced some of his tools and one of his lights from 1859 to a group of expert members of the court. There were legaliteies which went both for and against Edison but Goebels blub was deemed to be original and was given priority, a belated satisfaction for the old researcher. 

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